Art Deco Kitchen

If you love the reemergence of Art Deco interiors into your home, you are not alone! Art Deco style is the visual and influential arts & design movement which first emerged in France after World War I. It features touches of French, Egyptian & Mediterranean culture with geometric patterns and often vibrant colors. From the exterior of your home to the interior – you will be surprised how easy it is to bring this retro look from the 1930’s -1940’sstyle into your home. Here are 10 hot trends for adding Art Deco style into your interiors.
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Although the Art Deco style started in Europe, the United States had a strong movement in architecture, interior design, and lifestyle during the 30’s and 40’s. Pastel colored buildings in Miami, Florida made the iconic “South Beach” the popular architecture style for Art Deco styled buildings.  New York and Chicago boasted highly stylized skyscrapers that featured industrial motifs of airplanes, cars, and cruise liners were very influential. Bring this look to your home by adding ornate geometries to your exterior home for an Art Deco style before you open the front door.
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While the influences of design in decor, fashion, and architecture had a glitz and glam appeal, the ability for mass production in the 1930’s brought about a sense that anyone could achieve the Art Deco look.  Just like your interiors, the Art Deco style is for anyone who wants to bring the roaring appeal for arts and emergence of discovery and bold lifestyle choices into their interiors.
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The term “bold” is an understatement for many of the high-contrast color palettes iconic of the Art Deco area and using them in your finishes can bring on the art revival vibe in your home instantly. Bathroom and kitchen tile in monochromatic black, white combinations or with pops of red, and deep browns were gorgeous in this era. To bring the look to your home choose ceramic or porcelain tile that has a high gloss in contrasting colors. Beautiful mirrors and mirrored finishes will complete the look!
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This gorgeous art deco kitchen is a fantastic space, full of light and style. The walls and ceiling are white, there are big windows that just fill the kitchen with daylight. The floor is covered with amazing geometric tiles styled right like in the 20s. One of the walls is clad with large mirror tiles, which not only give the space a glam look but also reflect the light and make the kitchen seem bigger.
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In the grand fashion of art imitating life the Art Deco movement was all about adding visual drama and bringing it into a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Furniture had distinct lines and was adorned with bold fabrics with zigzags, stripes, chevrons and just plain textiles would accompany silky fabrics that exuded drama, similar to the Hollywood Regency style.
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Sleek Art Deco Kitchen With Stunning Stone Island A spunky silver chandelier illuminates this kitchen with style and pizzazz. Sleek metallic finishes reflect light, giving the space an airy feel despite the heavy, stone island.
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Description: Venture onto this private wooded cul-de-sac lot in Imperial Oaks and you’ll find a sprawling, 5,300-square-foot midcentury stucco ranch on professionally landscaped grounds with a fieldstone walkway and waterfall. Set back from a barreled front patio are front doors imported from Italy that invite visitors into the open foyer with plank-style tiled floor. The recently remodeled art deco-inspired kitchen features dramatic black granite and backsplash, and a family room and dining room that are distinguished by a masonry fireplace and beamed ceilings, respectively. The house also boasts three and a half baths and three bedrooms — the master suite complete with Jacuzzi tub, granite vanities and walk-in tiled shower.
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Pool Table Dining Room HGTV presents an Art Deco dining room that features a black felt pool table that can be used for games or dining. The room also includes wallpaper with swirling designs, a long chandelier, ornate dining chairs with green leather upholstery, and a large piece of Chanel perfume-themed artwork.
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HGTV presents an Art Deco dining room that features a black felt pool table that can be used for games or dining. The room also includes wallpaper with swirling designs, a long chandelier, ornate dining chairs with green leather upholstery, and a large piece of Chanel perfume-themed artwork.
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By the 1930’s travel was becoming popular and tourism started to boom. African safaris were popular and animal prints, exotic finishes such as pearl and tortoiseshell started to show itself in home decor. The bold use of materials in glass, shiny fabrics, metallic paints and mirrors will complete the Art Deco look in your home.
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Just as the name suggests – the arts and entertainment world showcased their talents during the 30’s and 40’s and home decor mimicked the trend. Bold oil paintings, sculptural table lamps, ornate bedroom furniture and finely detailed furniture was commonplace. Bring these elements into your room for instant Art Deco appeal.
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When travel became commonplace the influence from Africa and especially Egypt was great. After the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb the influence of pyramids, hieroglyphics type symbols and sphinxes were added to many design elements in the home. Use these symbols in your furniture, textiles and when choosing wallpaper and artwork for an Egyptian-inspired Art Deco style.
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I love the modern deco kitchen, It would be great to include measurements. From the looks of it, it is the same galley type kitchen I want to face lift. however, I think I am about 6 feet shy in length. Not sure. Hope you post measurements
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Hey Guys, it’s me Ginny again bringing you a big reveal today. If you tuned in a week ago you’ll have seen our sneak peek intro to the Modern Deco kitchen we recently finished. Gahh, I’m insanely excited about this one because I think (hope) you are all going to go nuts for it just as we have. We all want to move in ASAP. I don’t think I need to say too much about this one because I feel like the space really does speak for itself. But, I’ll give you a run down of what we did with it and how we styled it out for the everyday use of a busy family of 4.
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Hi! The whole house has a deco feel. Does it feel like a great gastby kitchen? Nah. its just inspired by the era with the finishes, metals, and patterns. xx
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I love the color on the cabinets. This is a gorgeous kitchen but except for the stepped shades on the light fixtures it doesn’t look deco at all to me. Also, I think it is going to look really dated in about 5 years–the patterned tile, the brass shelf holders, etc. all scream 2016.
art deco kitchen 17

I think calling this deco is quite a stretch, but bravo anyway! I would have liked to have seen some natural wood in here as a contrast to all that paint and color – maybe that would help it be a little more timeless. I love color though, and this is so lively and wonderful.
art deco kitchen 18

We put items on the upper shelves that don’t need constant grabbing so we put more vintage, delicate pieces like the amber glass champagne coupes,  the heirloom pitcher and the collection of teapots. And no shelf is complete without a set of cook books and a cute piece of art.
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I love the kitchen! You guys did a fantastic job. Not to be a downer, but I found the copy on this post really hard to read, with run on, incomplete, and awkwardly phrased sentences. Just something to keep in mind when proofreading and editing posts. Great kitchen!
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Wow, wow, wow! The first features that stood out to me were the colors, especially the cabinets and floor tiles, and that gorgeous vintage-style lighting. It has the perfect combination of classic with modern design that is also warm, friendly and original. I am dying over the gorgeousness of the floor tiles. And I appreciate the natural-grey-stone colors of the backsplash to compliment the floor pattern. We used Fireclay tile in our last kitchen. It is so incredible in person with its handmade qualities. This whole kitchen is so yummy! Great job!
art deco kitchen 21

I have loved patterned tiles for 10-15 years (since early Domino days), so I hate to hear that they may be dated soon. I’m afraid you might be right though. I don’t find the argument that they have been used for centuries that compelling. They’ll always look good in Spain or Morocco, but maybe not in US suburbia. These things can have a 10+-year life span though. I definitely share your feelings about brass. I love the look in certain contexts, but am hesitant to go full hog on it. I might use black instead. Still love this kitchen though. It’s of-the-moment but not the slightest big generic.
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Beautiful! A quick question: I notice that the brass knobs on the (non-pantry) cabinet doors are installed in line with the inset panel. I’d love to know the thinking behind this placement (as opposed to where knobs are often installed, in the upper/lower corner). I’m looking to add knobs to my kitchen cabinets, and it would be helpful to know how a designer looks at / thinks about placement. Thanks!

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